There are plenty of options when it comes to towing a vehicle, including using a trailer, tow bar or tow dolly. A tow dolly is a two-wheel trailer that keeps only the drive wheels of a vehicle off the ground during the tow and can be attached to trucks, tractors and road trains. While dollies themselves don’t carry a load, they are used to support a semi-trailer or similar haulage unit.

There are two common types of dollies:

  1. Converter dollies: commonly used in road trains as part of a combination. They have a drawbar for its forward connection, and they pivot vertically. This type of dolly allows multiple trailers to be attached forming a road-train configuration.
  2. Low-loader dollies: these dollies use a kingpin, not a drawbar coupling, so heavy cargo doesn’t overload the wheels of the truck.

CQE dollies in Perth improve stability, minimise corner cuts and give drivers extra control to get the load safely where it needs to be. We have been working within the freight business of Western Australia for over twenty years, and all our dollies are made to the highest Australian standards.

Dollies used in road trains are made from ultra-high tensile steel and have their own braking systems, as well as LED side markers and taillights. For road safety, a double road train with a converter dolly cannot exceed 36.5 meters in length and a triple road train cannot exceed 53.5 metres.

All our dollies and other equipment is rigorously tested against some of the harshest conditions, all to ensure you get the highest possible quality and the most reliable equipment money can buy.

Why choose CQE for your Tow Dolly?

Our privately-owned business is carried out with a hands-on approach by a sole owner and skilled engineers. Our products can be purchased directly, hired or even acquired through a ‘hire/buy’ programme. We service our products directly without going through a third party.

Any time you receive support from us, you’re taking full advantage of our expertise and while we fix or maintain your equipment, we can even provide you with a rental option during the process. 

As dolly manufacturers in Perth, our workshop in Kenwick features state-of-the-art manufacturing bays and fit-up departments ready to provide fast and efficient service, builds and repairs. Equipment purchased from Custom Quip is built to last, using top-quality materials and authentic parts. Our end products conform to industry standards and are passed through a rigorous quality control process prior to delivery.

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