Maintenance of your equipment and machinery is essential to ensure its longevity, prevent major issues and avoid costly financial burdens in the future. This maintenance can include sandblasting to remove the build-up of rust, dirt and grime, protect equipment from corrosion, and disinfect it from hazardous chemicals and regular servicing and repairs.

Regular heavy vehicle and fleet maintenance in Perth is important to ensure your machine reaches its destination on time and in order.

The term heavy duty equipment implies the machine will be carrying large loads in terms of weight and size. They can also carry sensitive and fragile goods which can’t risk exposure to any level of damage. The importance and benefits of regular serving and maintenance can be explained in the following points.

  1. To avoid on-road break down: if your large vehicle breaks down on the side of the road, it can cause chaos. From creating traffic jams to missing delivery deadlines and increasing operations down time, a regular fleet service and maintenance schedule will help avoid these troubles.

  2. To avoid any vehicle safety issues: regular maintenance can help avoid critical and catastrophic accidents due to faulty or fatigued components on your vehicle.

  3. To increase fuel efficiency: regular heavy vehicle servicing will help improve fuel efficiency of your machine, as a well-tuned engine operates better than one struggling to function.

  4. To extend the life of your vehicle: implementing a servicing and maintenance schedule can extend the life and functionality of your vehicle and your equipment.

Regular servicing and repairs are the secret to maintaining a high-performing fleet. CQE provide as-needed or contract services for a wide range of agricultural and industrial equipment at a competitive price, pending on budget and needs.

Why use CQE for your fleet maintenance in Perth?

Our team of expert mechanics are trained in the latest methods in hydraulics, pneumatics, and electrics, so you can be assured of a top-tier service every time. We are able to work on your equipment remotely, or in our state-of-the-art workshop in Perth.

CQE’s service and maintenance team is guaranteed to fix problems and prevent major issues and financial burden down the line. We have been operating an outstanding service for over 20 years in transport and the agricultural sector offer not only repairs and maintenance services, but we also design and build transport and agricultural machinery and equipment (Related article: Why We Custom Manufacture our Trailers).

Custom Quip Engineering are proud to be at the top of our field due to the wide range of materials at our disposal and the quality service we give every single customer.

We offer a warranty on all our high-quality parts and services, so you’re covered even after you drive out of our shop. We can also come out and complete fleet maintenance onsite to minimise any down time and increase productivity and business efficiencies.

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