General Purpose Aluminium End Tippers

Our Aluminium tippers are a great lightweight option for transporting materials, providing fast and attentive unloading capability and importantly speeding up job completion times in the process. This product offers slim tare weights, along with durable exteriors. All of CQE’s tippers and trailers are expertly-designed and manufactured using high-quality materials and meeting strict quality assurance standards. FEATURES

  •  6mm 5083 aluminium plate floor
  • 5mm 5083 aluminium plate sides
  • 900 gram roll tarps with wear strips
  • Steps and Ladders
  • Aluminium Wheels
  • Sandblast & painted in two-pack paint

More customised options available Custom Quip Engineering design and build products suitable for Australian conditions, so If you want a tough, reliable trailer and want to support local Australian business, call us today.    

Hire Or Buy Dirt Tippers

Custom Quip’s dirt tippers and side tippers are aesthetically pleasing, with curves in all the right places for smooth load dumps as much as looks. Built to a high standard by Aussie hands and know-how, we hold our head high as leaders in today’s competitive side tipper market. From tipper trailer hire to owning your own custom trailer in Perth, we’re the trailer manufacturers who not only have grain tippers for sale but any heavy haulage beast to get you and your loads moving. When you’re ready to go hauling, get heavy with Custom Quip Engineering or go home!

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