Every business in the transport, farming and agriculture industries may be unique, but each one has one thing in common: success relies on high quality equipment. If equipment fails, it can mean a huge hit to profit and serious delays.



The advantages of a custom built trailer

Almost every piece of transport equipment we build is different and incorporates individual needs. Although we have standard trailers available for rent, which will do the job in the short term, if you want a trailer purposefully built for your needs, we recommend going custom.

Whatever you need to transport, we can build. In total, the CQE team have been doing this for more than twenty years so there’s basically nothing we can’t do! When it comes to managing tare weights, load capacities, material handling, and overall running efficiencies a custom trailer is the only way to go.

It is built exactly to your requirements after a thorough design process, so you know you are getting what your business needs to succeed. We have vast experience in both agricultural and transport and will help help you design each detail throughout each step of the way. As a result, you will receive customised transport equipment will last the test of time and be exactly what your business needs.



Why choose CQE?

Custom Quip Engineering’s reputation is built on providing reliable, outstanding custom transport equipment.



Here’s how the process works:

  • You meet with Director Chris Jenzen who will discuss your needs in detail
  • You get to see the 3D model of your trailer and consult directly with the draftsperson if the need arises to make any changes
  • Once customised plans are agreed and signed off by you and CQE, we get begin manufacturing
  • Equipment is sent to an internal paint workshop for a high-quality finish
  • In the last stage, external parts are fitted and the job has a final review from Chris and his management team
  • The equipment leaves us and heads over to the Department of Transport for its final check and licensing
  • Your brand new custom built trailer is delivered to you here, or anywhere in Australia

Custom Quip Engineering can also offer long term hire-buy agreements for custom built trailers, so you can design and then rent your customised trailer and choose to buy it after the term ends.

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