Having a choice in work equipment allows you to meet different work demands and enhance efficiency in your workplace. This makes it important to invest wisely, choosing good quality equipment that’ll have a long lifespan.  Tipper truck trailers, also known as the dump trailer and tipping semi-trailer, is one work equipment that you should definitely invest in.

What Is a Tipper Trailer?

A tipper trailer is a big trailer used to carry, lift and offload bulk goods to a chosen location. There are a variety of different tipping options, each with their own advantages, but the most used tipper trailers are the rear and side tippers.

Tipper trailers are favoured in the workplace due to the highly efficient manner in which they operate. Their intelligent design makes operations safe and affordable. Industries that favour tipper trailers include construction, agriculture and recycling industries.

Types of Tipper Trailers

Rear Tippers

A rear tripper trailer operates by offloading cargo through the back area, often used to carry construction materials such as coal, sand and stone. Industrial raw materials, as well as solid materials, can also be offloaded with a rear tipper trailer.

As it was designed with effectiveness in mind, the offloading process is highly efficient. Once the back of the trailer is locked, the cargo can be loaded. When you reach your destination, you raise the front side of the trailer, which allows your cargo to be unloaded from the back.

As the cargo is usually made of hard materials, the tipper trailer has a thick steel plate in place to sustain the weight of the cargo. This also prevents the cargo from damaging the trailer.

Side Tippers

A side tipper is a useful alternative to the rear tipper, as it allows you to offload your materials from the side instead of the rear. Alongside the offloading of goods, it can be used for transporting solid building materials, such as sand and stone, to their destinations.

A side tipper trailer can load more than a rear tipper trailer and is suitable for cargo with a small rest angle.

Hiring a Tipper Trailer

There are a variety of tipper trailers available, so choosing the right tipper trailer to hire will depend on your needs. Consider the type of cargo you will be handling. Will they be big loads? Will you require a bottom dump or a side dump? Will you need a transfer trailer, which could help you carry a double load? What type of tipper body construction would be best?

All of these questions will influence you in your search for the ideal tipper trailer for your workplace.

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