From steel grain tippers to flat top extendables, there are a lot of grain trailers on the market, and with so much to research and consider when choosing the right trailer for your needs, it can feel like a chore. To make the decision easier, we’ve compiled this handy list of the most common types of grain trailers for sale.

Steel Grain Tippers

Steel grain tippers offer a high-quality, low-cost solution to your transport requirements. Their benefits lie in their classic design. Steel grain tippers are known for being strong and durable, whilst being available at a competitive price.

Aluminium Grain Tippers

Aluminium grain tippers are as strong as steel but without the downsides. Unlike steel, aluminium doesn’t rust, making it an ideal long-term investment for grain transport. It’s also significantly lighter than steel, making it easier for you to stay under the legal limit.

Side Tippers

Side tippers are an attractive alternative to end tippers. Their ability to tip to the left or the right of a truck makes them an especially safe and appealing offloading method. Being more stable and controlled than their counterparts, they let you handle higher weight loads with confidence and security.

Side tippers are also highly durable, as they use a hydraulic mechanism to operate. As it is not subjected to pressure and only requires minimal regular maintenance, it doesn’t wear down in the same way that other mechanisms do.


Dollies are a piece of highly reliable equipment that improves stability, minimises corner cuts and provides drivers with the extra control needed to safely transport their load to where it needs to be. They are available in single, tandom and tri-axle varieties.

Flat Tops

Flat tops are one of the most versatile trailer options available. As they are a completely flat deck with no obstructions, they allow you to transport anything, from grain to construction equipment. If the cargo is heavy, flat tops can be loaded with a crane or forklift.

If you require extra functionality or an extension for your load, flat top extendables are an attractive option. They are strong, easy to load and highly durable.

Drop Decks

Drop deck trailers are great for drivers looking for flexibility when transporting cargo. As they are closer to the ground, it is safer to load and unload cargo, as the forklift does not have to raise the loads as high. The proximity to the ground also means it is easier to accommodate tall, higher-clearance equipment, with an increased likelihood of staying under the legal limit.

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