Maybe you have a wall which needs stripping of paint and plaster. Or a faithful old truck which has seen better days. Whatever the job, the tried-and-true method of sandblasting remains one of the best options for any heavy duty clean. Keep reading to find out more!

What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting involves spraying a highly-pressurised jet of abrasive material at a surface in order to remove unwanted layers or imperfections. It is usually done to prepare a surface for re-painting or re-plastering, or simply to reveal a perfectly clean, smooth surface. Although sand is the most common projectile used for sandblasting, experienced sandblasters may also use other abrasive particles that are better suited for a particular job.

Can I Do My Own Sandblasting?

It’s perfectly possible to do your own sandblasting. However, be prepared to: invest in the right equipment (it ain’t cheap!), get claustrophobic in the heavy protective gear which is an absolute must, and create a lot of devastation while you’re learning how to balance the pressure of the sandblaster properly. Sandblasting isn’t particularly complicated, but it is messy and requires practice to avoid bowling yourself or others over with flying debris. You should also be aware that even small sandblasting jobs can take an inordinate amount of time to prepare and clean up afterwards.

A good tip if you’re just starting out is to cover up the “pot”, which is part of the compressor on the sandblaster. Novice sandblasters often find their pots clogged by rebounding debris, which takes time to remove and is generally irritating.

Equipment you’ll need:

  • High quality protective clothing, including a helmet
  • Pressurised sandblaster
  • Abrasive material – lots of it

Risks Associated With Sandblasting

Sandblasting is definitely not a risk-free activity. Debris that is blasted from the surface tends to shoot around the room unexpectedly, posing a threat to any windows or lifeforms in the area, while some of the materials used or released during sandblasting can also be highly toxic. Industrial paint, for instance, can cause a range of dermatological and respiratory problems if workers are exposed to it.

Professional Sandblasting Service in Perth

If you’ve operated any trucks, trailers, or heavy machinery, you know that these vehicles and pieces of equipment don’t stay looking new for long. Tough working conditions and exposure to the elements can quickly wear down the paint on your equipment and leave a collection of scars and scrapes, rendering your logos unrecognisable. That’s why Custom Quip Engineering’s clients rely heavily on our sandblasting and re-painting services.

While you can do your own sandblasting with enough preparation and expense, Custom Quip Engineering’s professional sandblasting service is available whenever you need us. We use the best quality equipment and our expert staff can clean your machinery for you without any of the associated health risks. To take advantage of this service, or to learn more about sandblasting, contact Custom Quip Engineering today.

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