It is not a secret that properly repairing and maintaining your machinery will save you money in the long run, and when managing a successful business, this is extremely important. If you would like to learn more about how trailer repairs Perth business, Custom Quip Engineering can help you then keep reading.


High-quality spare parts can add years onto your equipment and machinery, meaning you won’t have to buy new machinery before it is necessary. Using high-quality parts when making repairs will also save the number of repairs your machinery or equipment will need, meaning less stress and hassle on something which is easily avoidable.  It is integral to use high- quality parts as you do not want cheap parts to cause problems in the future. Custom Quip Engineering provides a wide range of carefully audited spare parts, found at the best price and highest quality to ensure the best trailer repairs for your machinery.

It is vital to repair issues with your equipment and machinery immediately as operating with a problem can lead to further troubles and will likely become a much more costly endeavour. This is an unnecessary waste of money which could be invested in other places within your business. The best way to look after your equipment and check up on any potential issues is to take your machinery to be serviced. Trailer repairs Perth business, Custom Quip Engineering, have teams which can work remotely or at our workshop on-site in Perth. Custom Quip Engineering mechanics are expertly trained in the latest methods in hydraulics, pneumatics and electrics, meaning your equipment and machinery is in safe hands. They also offer a warranty on their trailer spare parts and services to ensure you feel safe and secure with their service.


Maintenance of your equipment and machinery is essential to maintain its longevity and prevent major issues and costly financial burdens in the future. This maintenance includes sandblasting which removes the build-up of rust, dirt and grime and protects equipment from corrosion, and disinfects it from hazardous chemicals. This is a crucial step in preparing the equipment for surface coating. Custom Quip Engineering teams use state of the art equipment and quality products to provide an efficient sandblasting service.

The team at Custom Quip Engineering also offer painting of your equipment and machinery. They use only the highest quality paint material and apply it with an excellent application to produce a long-lasting finish.

Why choose Custom Quip Engineering?

Trailer repairs Perth business Custom Quip Engineering has been operating an outstanding service for over 20 years in transport and the agricultural sector. Their attention to detail is impeccable and their customisation of services gives a personalised approach to business. They not only offer repairs and maintenance services but also design and build transport and agricultural machinery and equipment. Custom Quip Engineering is at the top of their field and the wide range of materials at their disposal and quality service gives them a reputation they can uphold. Contact them today on (08) 9258 9688 or at

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