Skel Trailers

To the uninitiated, it’s a Skeleton trailer. To those in the know, it’s a Skel and it’s your main tool of trade if you haul containers across town or the almost 4,000km across our continent. Custom Quip Engineering (CQE) are keeping up with custom trailer demand in Perth, providing quality tipper trailer hire, grain tippers for sale and Skels for over 20 years.

What Are Skel Trailers?

Just like the human skeleton, which is super strong and perfectly engineered to withstand a lifetime of punishment, Skel Trailers serve as a super strong steel scaffold to carry loads that are many times its weight. When built to the exacting specs of CQE, the basic skeleton trailer design has a remarkably low un-laden weight but is a long-lasting workhorse when transporting shipping containers.

Pivotal to the Skel design are the container pins that hold a container to the trailer, a simple method that’s ultra-effective in keeping your load secured. CQE are the trailer manufacturers in Perth who manufacture fixed and sliding Skel trailers too – the sliding feature allowing for versatility in carrying various sized containers. Basic in their design and robust in their nature, Skel Trailers prove to be an economical investment for a sole proprietor or a company wishing to add to their fleet.

When you’re serious about finding custom trailer manufacturers in Perth, we’re serious too – no-one builds them better than us. We have a two-decades-long reputation that won’t be beaten. And that’s not just on Skel trailers but tipper trailer hire, grain tippers for sale and anything else you could need for heavy road haulage. So when you’re ready to go hauling, get heavy with CQE or go home!

Features of Skel Trailers

They’re popular for a reason: Skel Trailers are the lifeblood of Australian port haulage.

  • Heavy Duty Specs You need to know that the Skel you haul can handle a jam-packed container from the port to loading dock. We’ve designed trailers for decades now, taking into account your custom made specifications be it standard or heavy-duty haulage.
  • Hella LED We’ve seen some changes over the decades and Hella LED lighting is a brilliant one. (Yep, we meant that pun!) The beams are bright, banishing poor visibility and helping other road users to see your rig. More importantly, the wiring is packed away in conduit for serious on-road protection.
  • Top Range Braking System The Westinghouse Brake System is our preferred choice after all of these years for a solid reason: it’s 100% reliable. We build your Skel as if we’d be driving it ourselves. That’s why using Westinghouse brakes is our go-to system.
  • Keep It In Top Nick Skel Trailers can get pummelled – by weather and work. That’s why CQE uses a 2 pack paint system as the starting point for finishing the look of a Skel Trailer. And that’s after we cut it back with a good sandblasting.
  • Australian Made and Versatile Because we make it right here in Welshpool, WA, you get Aussie know-how going into every spec. As a local manufacturer, we can also tweak the design to suit your personal needs. We’re that versatile.

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