GP Dirt Tippers

As leaders in supplying tipper trailer hire and custom trailers in Perth, Custom Quip Engineering has delivered the smarts in dirt tippers for decades… and that’s smart to look at as well as smart to use.  

We’ve stayed the truckies choice in WA because we insist on using superior materials and components. Starting with quality helps our team to manufacture to extraordinarily high levels.

We build efficiently, to agreed timeframes AND we build to last. Throw in the fact that our dirt tippers are beautiful to look at and it’s no wonder we’re the choice pick for trailer manufacturers in Perth.

What Is A Dirt Tipper?

It’s a large, long trailer that is designed to carry and easily unload bulk loose materials like soil, sand and aggregate. These trailers are towed by a rigid vehicle or prime mover and can carry between two and 25 tonnes.

The method of unloading is the use of a hydraulic operated body that lifts at the front and tips loose material from a fixed point at the rear of the trailer. The dirt tipper’s unloading operation can seem deceptively simple but if not conducted correctly, it can tip over. Handling by an experienced operator is essential.


Features Of Dirt Tippers


  • Standard Length – 28ft – Custom Quip dirt tippers are designed to a standard length of 28 feet. Built solid to last, our design delivers a relatively light tare weight when unladen.
  • Hardox Body – Hardox is the trusted name in strong wearing steel and is a guarantee that your truck body meets strict quality demands on wear resistance.
  • Spring Suspension and Drum Brake Axles – Tough roads and long distances demand the smoothest ride. So with our tipper trailer hire and custom trailers in Perth, we include sturdy spring suspension and the reliability of drum axle brakes.
  • Two-Way Tailgate – This helps you unload at the rate that suits you. For either a full release or a more restrained release, our two-way tailgate makes it easy.
  • Front to Back Tarp – Custom Quip includes a front to back tarp in your dirt tipper purchase for excellent load management from day one.
  • Sandblast & painted in 2-pack paint – Preparation is the key to durability. We sandblast your trailer and then paint it with 2-pack epoxy paint for smooth, lasting protection.
  • 100% Australian made in Welshpool WA – Aussie-made for tough Australian extremes, we build our dirt tippers right here in WA to last the distance.
  • More Options Available – From your front bar to the back axle, we can give you more options to pimp your ride to your specs. All you have to do is ask.

Hire Or Buy Dirt Tippers

Custom Quip’s dirt tippers and side tippers are aesthetically pleasing, with curves in all the right places for smooth load dumps as much as looks. Built to a high standard by Aussie hands and know-how, we hold our head high as leaders in today’s competitive side tipper market.

From tipper trailer hire to owning your own custom trailer in Perth, we’re the trailer manufacturers who not only have grain tippers for sale but any heavy haulage beast to get you and your loads moving.

When you’re ready to go hauling, get heavy with Custom Quip Engineering or go home!

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