Grain Trailer (Aluminium)

When investing in new equipment, there are a few things that really matter. Will it be tough enough? How long will it last? How heavy is it?

Aluminium is a great choice, it doesn’t rust like steel or other metals, the aluminium oxide layer that forms on the surface protects your equipment from rust and corrosion. Even better, our aluminium trailers are made using a high grade Aluminium, as strong as steel, but providing a much lower tare weight.

After twenty years, we have found time and time again that aluminium grain trailers outlast steel alternatives, and are the best investment for grain transport.


  • 6mm 5083 aluminium plate floor (rear section 8mm)
  • 6mm 5083 aluminium plate sides with internal rib
  • 6mm 5083 aluminium plate front
  • 8mm 6351 T5 aluminium extruded top coming
  • 8mm 6351 T6 aluminium extruded bottom corner
  • 3-piece 9mm 6061 T6 aluminium extrude main runner
  • 5mm 5083 aluminium plate tailgate hinged and sealed with air operated releases
  • Electric front to back mesh tarps
  • Steps, ladder and long vehicle signs
  • Hella LED rear lights – wired using 2 core earth return wiring system
  • 8mm skid plate with 8 bolt 90mm king pin
  • 130 x 8 Domex 350 bottom flange
  • 130 x 8 Domex 350 top flange
  • 4mm grade Webb plates
  • Road train mount including Ringfeder air and hydraulics
  • K-Hitch (Weweler) 9 tonne air suspension with auto/manual dump
  • K-Hitch disc drake axles with unitized bearings
  • K-Hitch 2 speed landing leg
  • 12 x advanced 11r22.5 tyres with dual tyre carrier (swinging)
  • 12 x machine finished alloy rims
  • ADR approved road train brakes
  • 42 tonne Hidromas internal hoist with all hosing and remote grease points
  • Dump value
  • All rubber mud guards
  • Sandblasted and painted in two pack paint

More customised options available

Custom Quip Engineering design and build products suitable for Australian conditions, so If you want a tough, reliable trailer and want to support local Australian business, call us today.

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