Design and Manufacture

Custom Quip Engineering understands that each business is unique, facing different demands and challenges on daily basis. To help you meet those individual needs, we offer custom built trailer designs and manufacture. Our experts have experience designing a range of trailers and can help advise you on a purpose built design to best suit your needs. Our trailers are manufactured in WA by skilled tradesmen using only the highest quality components. You can trust a trailer from CQE to get the job done.

Our comprehensive trailer design service starts with you and an understanding of your needs and your budget. We provide you with a detailed and competitive quote for your custom trailer, and once you decide to go ahead, manufacture gets underway at our shop in Welshpool, WA. Our tradesmen follow strict design and manufacturing guidelines that meet industry standards, and quality assurance checks are performed throughout the manufacturing process. Using the highest quality components and skilled tradesmen, we provide you with a purpose built trailer ideally suited to your individual requirements.

CQE is 100% WA owned and operated. We understand the needs of business, and provide exceptional customer service with quality products to match. We design a range of trailers, including grain trailers, dirt tippers, stainless steel tankers, drop decks, dollies, flat tops, skel trailers, and side tippers. Contact Custom Quip Engineering today for a quote on your custom trailer.

The following manufacturing practices outline why clients choose CQE to build their equipment:

  • CQE have access to a broad range of suppliers, enabling acquisition of the best quality running gear and accessories at the right price to suit individual customer specifications;
  • CQE staff are highly qualified, follow strict design and manufacturing guidance and ensure quality checks are performed throughout the manufacturing process;
  • With the use of high quality two pack paint materials coupled with excellent application, the CQE blast and paint team produce paint finishes that not only look impressive but most importantly stand up to the test of time.

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